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The gate serves to bypass a facility secured perimeter and integrates with other technical barriers.


A gate consists of a single wing, single post and 2 supports to fix a flat spiral of reinforced barbed tape or mesh, or welded KROM panel.

The wing frame is filled with squire 30x30 mm pipe tubes or with blind fill and opens at at least 90°angle. The wing is fixed on a post installed in the ground on a concrete base.

The gate is equipped with shut-off and locking devices to keep the wings in the same plane.

A wing position sensor as well as a place for the installation of electromechanical locking device "KORUND" or "RUBESH" are installed as an off-the-shelf standard.

The design of the gate allows to install a variety of technical security means both of domestic or foreign manufacturers.

The entire surface of the gate is galvanized and coated with polyester material that increases the service life of the product.

The gate is supplied ready for mounting.


  • Sustained operation in environmentally unfriendly factors, caused by natural (wind, rain, snow, hail) as well as industrial (power lines, acoustic) origin.

  • Operating temperature range: from -60°C to +60°C.

  • Service life is not less than 25 years (due to a special anti-corrosion multi-layer coating).