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The device is designed to provide an authorized entry/exit and prevent the penetration of vehicles into a protected area.


The device consists of two massive posts and wings, executed in the form of swing gates with a blind filling. The posts are joined with pegs to the anchor frame ( included into delivery) and placed on a concrete base. The wings are made of massive steel beams with static requirements compliance.

The wings are hydraulic driven.

Electromechanical locking bolt fixes the wings in blocking position.


  • The device is able to stop the vehicle( of railway type as well) at 200 tons weight, moving at a speed of 15-20 km/h (about 990 – 1550 kN).

  • Tensile strength of structural steel elements: -600 490 n/mm².

  • Wall thickness of the elements: 15-40 mm.
  • The device is a combi solution for the gates and an anti-ram device.
  • The device is installed on the railway tracks or in places where separate devices (a swing gate and a ram device) cannot be installed due to the space lack, security reasons or aesthetics considerations.

  • Extended operation (not less than 25 years old) with special anti-corrosion coating multilayer structures.


  Dynamic (impact) perceived and absorbed by the load   to the 1150 kN  
  Passage width
  from 4 till 10 m
  Height   from 2 to 4 pm
  Range of working temperatures
  from-50°C to +60°C
  Opening/closing time
  15-20 sec.
  Protection level
  IP 55
  Drive   electro-hydraulic
  Remote control   steel or fibreglass Cabinet IP 54
  Warranty   2 years