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The device is designed to provide an authorized entry/exit and prevent the penetration of vehicles into a secured area.


In the “up”-position the system blocks the passage, and in “down”- position the vehicles travel freely.

Body: locking device consists of three identical parallel retractable elements (columns).

Electro-hydraulic drive is combined with an electric control panel. It is installed separately in a waterproof steel cabinet, placed on a foundation (a standard distance of 20 m from the road block, hydraulic hoses attached).

Controls (supplied as off-the-shelf option): the electric control board, all the necessary elements, push-button control panel (box type) with the buttons "up-stop-down".

Both automatic and manual operating modes are available


  • The design ensures high tactical parameters:
    - to coordinate and plan the distribution of the authorized traffic;
    - is applied in areas where the other devices installation is not possible.

  • Sustained operation in environmentally unfriendly factors, caused by natural (wind, rain, snow, hail) as well as industrial (power lines, acoustic) origin.

  • The surface is covered with special corrosion resistant multilayer coating, which increases the service life (25 years).


Dynamic (impact) perceived and absorbed by the load Up to 1500kN
The diameter of the pull-out element
from 200 mm to 400 mm
Actuation speed
from 8/5 seconds (raising/lowering)
Range of working temperatures
from-50°C to +60°C
Protection level
IP 55
Remote control (wardrobe)
steel or fiberglass IP 54
Drive electro-hydraulic
2 years
Service maintenance 3 year