The company NEPT ( "New Era of Industrial Technologies") was founded in 1999. The company works as a general designer , general contractor in capital construction, in installation of engineering networks and systems, in integrated security systems. The company has its own production of steel framing, ventilation equipment and electronic devices.

We have wide experience of work on the most important, unique and technically complicated facilities, including nuclear power facilities, fuel and energy complex, the aviation industry, industrial and civil use. The state corporation "Rosatom” has been a strategic company customer for fifteen years.


The construction in the nuclear power industry demands high standards of work and obligations performance. This invaluable experience allows us to implement projects of the highest complexity in a precise timing. We work on the majority of Russian nuclear power plants, at spent nuclear fuel storage, nuclear waste processing complexes, nuclear power fuel cycle, scientific enterprises.

The company NEPT has an extensive network of branches and separate subdivisions which allow us to conduct operational work in close proximity to major construction facilities. Production facilities and construction sites are concentrated at industrial areas in Voronezh, Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Tver, Kursk, Rostov, Sverdlovsk and Kirov regions. More than a hundred units of modern machinery allow us to perform complex work of a wide range of applications.

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The engineering potential of leaders and employees constitutes the core of any project office. High professionalism multiplied by the experience and technical equipment, ongoing training and a comprehensive regulatory framework allows us to create design documentation of any complexity taking into account the high demands of the customer in the shortest possible time. Properly applied design solutions significantly reduce the cost of construction projects by saving the total time of construction, materials and equipment.

Facilities security - one of the main profiles of our company. We confirm that NEPT is a recognized expert in the field of engineering and technical means of physical protection and anti-terrorism security of specially protected sites.


NEPT Perimeter security systems protect the facilities of strategic importance in Russia: nuclear power plants, the fuel and energy sector and other strategic sites.

Not only do we install security systems but we also design and manufacture them. NEPT systems of perimeter security are within the main stream in the area as well as possess a number of unique parameters.

NEPT Company is the developer and manufacturer of industrial ventilation systems for civil and industrial use. We offer a modern smoke protection systems, fans, duct, radial, axial, roof fans, draft earthquake-proof car to our customers. Air handling units "Corvet" received high praise from the operating units of nuclear power plants.

razreshitelnaya_dokumentaciya.jpg The work of building organization requires a set of necessary permits. NEPT has SRO accesses to work affecting the safety of capital construction, including nuclear facilities. For work at Rosatom company has received more than twenty licenses from Rostekhnadzor, FSB license for activities related to the use of information constituting a federal secret, MOE license to work on the installation, repair and maintenance of fire safety.

There are quality management system certificate ISO 9001-2001, the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2004 management system of health and safety OHSAS 18001: 2007.