Security Systems


The company "NEPT" is a developer and manufacturer of advanced perimeter security systems for special importance facilities. Our comprehensive engineering systems ensure the safety of physical security of the majority of Russian nuclear power plants and other nuclear energy sites.

Our production site is located in the territory of Russia based on separate divisions in the Voronezh, Kursk and Smolensk regions. The workshops are equipped with modern machines, new technologies at production process; high demands applied to raw materials at each stage is strictly controlled by standard compliance - all this provides a high level of product quality.

Design offices of the company are engaged in the development and continuous improvement of their own security systems based on own test data as well as customer feedback .Products with unique technical characteristics( such as the barrier of 6.5 m height with high wind load or gate 16 m leaf length for oversized cargo) were designed, manufactured and installed for a number of facilities.


We offer several types of high standard barriers for specifics sites both with polyethylene and polyester coating. Unique design allows to use various means of detection and surveillance, to integrate into any fences of physical protection installed systems, install them on any ground and to use in all country climatic zones . Convenient entry groups (gates, turnstiles, anti ram and armored device)are designed for all types of fences to create checkpoints for guarded sites.

Modern fiber-optical, capacitive, and radio wave detection means made by JSC "NEPT" occupies a leading position among Russian hardware protection of large sites.


Specially protected areas can be equipped with unique systems of non-lethal stun effects with the functions of active impact on the offender and signaling to the perimeter control guard.

Construction and installation business units perform the full range of installation and commissioning of engineering systems of physical protection ranging from the dismantling of replacing systems to perimeter landscaping. Our specialists are ready to carry out a separate supervision of erection and installation works as well as supervision of the implementation of the project.