The company is engaged in complex design for various purpose facilities, provides architectural and structural design, design of engineering systems of physical protection, performs the functions of the general designer.


The company has a complete list of approvals for the project execution, including:

  • Evidence of CRO license in the architectural design;

  • Licenses of Rostekhnadzor for the design and construction of nuclear facilities;

  • FSB Russia license for activities related to the use of information constituting a state secret;

  • Russian FSTEC license for activity on technical protection of confidential information.


Design division of the company held annually internal and external audits with a high level of professional and technical training as well as compliance with federal and industry standards of performance. Quality assurance programs are available under each carried out project to improve internal controls and the quality of work performed.

The company has created more than five hundred projects for the architectural design, the complex of engineering safety systems, engineering systems of buildings and structures for different facilities:

  • Residential and administrative buildings;

  • Industrial enterprises;

  • Shopping and sports and entertainment complexes;

  • Nuclear facilities;

  • Military infrastructure facilities.

NEPT Company uses the latest software, which allows to produce 3D-modeling, create a spatial image of the object and its architectural expression. Design Bureau Company use only licensed software aided design that reduce the time required for the production of operations and monitor the quality of their performance. Design is based on the current regulatory framework.

Long-term experience of work at various facilities allowed to create a broad base of standard design solutions that helps reduce labor costs and improve the quality of the work. Thus all design solutions are able to relatively simple modifications when facility modernization is necessary.